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Are you looking for an accredited plastering team with years of experience and trusted by many for your bathroom refurbishment project in Glossop or the surrounding areas? …then you’re in the right place!


Plastering services in glossop

We offer plastering services for all your plastering needs. With our in-house plastering and tiling services, we can complete a brand-new bathroom refurbishment project all under one local contractor, A&E Plumbing.

If you’re looking to install a brand-new bathroom in Glossop, or the surrounding areas, and require the walls and ceiling to be plastered professionally then let us help. We have vast experience in providing a comprehensive Bathroom Refurbishment service that includes not only professional plastering and painting, but also expert tiling.


What types of plastering are there?

This tab table throws light upon the five main types of plaster for walls. As expert plasterers for bathroom refurbishments and other rooms in the house, we know which will be best suited for your needs.

Different types of special plastering materials are used in building construction for various purposes to provide aesthetic appearances to walls, columns and ceilings. These special plastering materials enhance several properties of plaster such as, durability, fire resistance, weather resistance, sound proof etc.



Stucco plaster is provided as a decorative feature where required. The plaster is composed of three coats making a thickness of 25 mm. The first coat, 10 mm thick, is known as a scratch coat, the second coat, which is also 10 mm thick, is called brown coat and the finishing coat or final coat is 4 to 6 mm thick and is called white coat.



Waterproof plaster is required for protection of the masonry wall from ingress of moisture and thereby eliminating or reducing dampness of wall. The plaster is made of cement and sand mix 1: 2. Pulverised alum is added at the rate of 12 kg per cubic metre of sand. Soft soap at the rate of 75 gms per litre is added in the water for mixing. Alum and soap react chemically and seal the pores in the plaster.



Lime plaster is prepared by mixing equal volumes of lime and sand. Boiled solution of bael fruit (in the proportion of 3 kg of gur and 1.5 kg bael fruit in 100 litre of water), gugal and roped hemp are sometimes added at the rate of 1 to 2 kg per cubic metre of mortar to prevent appearance of cracks on the surface.



Composite plaster is prepared by mixing cement, lime, surki or pozzolana and sand in different proportions. The plaster is applied on surfaces external or internal in different thicknesses and in one or two coats, as necessary.



To understand which plaster will be best suited for your bathroom refurbishment project, or any room around your house, speak to A&E Plumbing today for a free no obligation quotation.


We plaster more than just bathrooms

Out team of expert plasterers not only deliver precise plastering application for all types of bathrooms, wetrooms or shower rooms, but also have vast experience in general plastering for the whole house.


Perhaps you’re also thinking of plastering other rooms in your home, if so, we can also offer a free quote for that too.

When you plaster a bathroom as a new refurbishment project, the technique used to apply the plaster is exactly the same as it would be for any other room of the house.


Flexibility is most essential while preparing and tiling a wet room, A&E Plumbing uses only flexible adhesives and the best waterproofing systems on the market.

All wet areas will always be boarded with waterproofed boards or system membranes to protect the rest of the property.


A&E Plumbing also offer expert tiling services as part of our comprehensive bathroom refurbishment service.

Take comfort knowing we will be with you every step of the way to help you design, plan, plumb, plaster, install and then tile or paint it to perfection.

The A&E Plumbing process ensures that we have secured the whole wet room area from any water penetration. This is essential to achieve prior to any plastering or general cosmetic action.


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